Privacy Policy


Harvest Ridge JV is committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. All information we collect and manage in accordance with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws.

The following policy outlines our practices Harvest Ridge JV and any person providing services on our behalf.

Our Harvest Ridge website uses Google’s web analytics, which will automatically collect and stores the following info:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) address and domain used for the computer accessing our site.
  • Browser and Operating System
  • Web pages visited
  • Search conducted while on our site

All information is utilized to summarize and create reports to assist in managing the web content and the visitor experience.

Information Collected

  • Personal Information you provide in our online Registration Systems, Emails and Web Forms may be used for future communication to our users.  Harvest Ridge JV collects contact information such as; name, complete postal address, and email address, to provide relevant information and offers to our community members and their family. We assist our partner companies introduce new products and market their existing ones.


Links to Third Party Sites

  • Harvest Ridge website contains third party site links.  These links are provided as a

Service to our clients and while we endeavor to link with other sites similar standards and business practice, Harvest Ridge JV and its partners and suppliers are not responsible for third party business practice or the content of other websites.

For Additional information

  • Any questions or concerns regarding the collection of date on our site should be submitted to