Referral Program

July 6th, 2016

HRLL_Blog Referral Program Gift Card

***PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM HAS ENDED AND NO MORE REFERRALS WILL BE ACCEPTED (Builders may still have their own referral programs)***

Receive $1500 for referring family or friends!

HARVEST THE REWARDS – Harvest Ridge Referral Program.

When you refer a friend or family and they purchase a new home and lot within the Harvest Ridge community through one of our show home builders listed on the website (excluding Villas), you’ll receive a $1500 Referral reward.

Referring Party are eligible to receive their choice of a Costco or Home Depot Gift Card valued at $1500 from Harvest Ridge (the “Developer”) for referring a Referral Buyer who completes a Firm Sale of a new home and lot within the Harvest Ridge community, subject to the meeting ALL terms and conditions below:

  • The Referring Party must live in Spruce Grove – proof of residency required.
  • An email from the Referring Party must be sent to with the following information for both the Referring Party and Referral Buyer:

First and Last Name*

Phone Number*

Municipal Address*

Email Address*


  • The Referring Party must introduce the Referral Buyer to Harvest Ridge Developers by submitting the above noted information by email and obtain an email back from the Developer confirming receipt prior to the Referral Buyer contacting a Builder.  No verbal representation will be accepted.
  • Upon initial contact with the Builder the Referral Buyer must notify the Builder of the Referral.  The Builder will then confirm with the Developer initial eligibility for the Referral Program.
  • Once an eligible Referral Buyer completes a Firm Sale, the Builder will send proof to Developer then the Developer will confirm ALL requirements are met including proof of residency of the Referring Party and contact both parties to verify the Referral. If all requirements are met the Gift Card will be awarded within 30-days to the Referring Party.
  • This program is only available for a new home and lot purchase made through one of our show home builders specifically listed on Harvest Ridge website builder page (excluding Villas).
  • A Firm Sale is defined as an Unconditional Purchase and Sale Agreement for a new home and lot between the Referral Buyer and Builder, executed by both parties including all deposits paid by the Referral Buyer to the Builder as per the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • This program starts for any new referrals made on or after July 1, 2016 which follow the conditions.
  • Limited to the first 10 successful Referrals in order of Firm Sale dates.
  • This Referral shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of the Referral email, after which said Referral shall automatically be null and void.  The Referring Party is responsible for re-registering any Referrals after the expiration if they so choose.
  • Only 1 Gift Card will be provided per Referral Buyer. If the Referral Buyer is referred by multiple parties, the Referral Buyer will be responsible to decide how the Gift Card is distributed.
  • This Referral Program is not valid for employees or families of the Builders or Developer.
  • This Developer Referral reward is in addition to any applicable Builder referral programs.
  • The Developer reserves the right to withhold the Referral Reward if all requirements are not met or if they have reason to believe the Referral was abused or not in good faith.
  • Gift cards are to be treated like cash and no replacement will be provided for lost or stolen gift cards.

The Referral Program is subject to change and/or cancellation at any time at the sole discretion of the Developer.

***PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM HAS ENDED AND NO MORE REFERRALS WILL BE ACCEPTED (Builders may still have their own referral programs)***